Kids Free English ESL Webinar: Learn 3 English basics

English is the most widely used language worldwide and parents know that to give their child the best advantage in life: start them young.

Studies show that children pick up language the best from 7 months to six years of age. In fact speaking sensitivity peaks from 7 months to three. The earlier you expose your child to a different language the easier it will be for them to learn it.

What if you child doesn’t know any English?

No problem.

I’m hosting a free webinar which will teach a few English basics and expose them to other words through songs as well. We’ll be learning some greetings, colours and three letters that go with the colours.

This is a very basic webinar for beginners but anyone who wants to join is welcome too, just to get a feel for how I teach.

For more information on the webinar and to book – click here.

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