Present Simple vs Continuous: Reliable or not?

I’ve put together a simple video for you to see the difference between these two tenses.

Present Simple tense is reliable. It happens every day, every week, every Tuesday, every winter, every specific time period that you choose. But you can rely on it. George wears a blue T-shirt every day.

Remember our he/she/it rule? That’s why there is an “s” on wears. However remember that I wear. You wear. They wear. We wear. BUT He wears. She wears. It wears.

Present Continuous tense is unreliable. It only happens now or today. It’s dinosaur’s birthday today so he’s wearing a special birthday T-shirt that says “Happy Birthday” on it. Dinosaur is wearing an orange T-shirt today.

Again, we use different verbs for different pronouns. I am wearing. She is wearing. He is wearing. It is wearing. They are wearing. We are wearing. You are wearing.

Watch the video below to see it in action.

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