Six Most Common Pronunciation Errors

All over the world, people are learning English and bringing their unique accents and styles into the language. Sometimes this doesn’t have much of an effect, but other times it makes it hard to understand. The whole word can change its meaning.

So how can we fix this?

I’ve gathered six common pronunciation errors and made a video about them. I’ve also included the document I used so that you can refer to it too.

The six sounds are:

  1. “i” as in “live”
  2. Short and long vowel sounds – a – hat, hate, e – pet, Pete, i – fin, fine, o – hop, hope, u – cub, cute.
  3. v/w – veil, whale
  4. Silent letters.
  5. th – the, thin.
  6. -ed sounds which can sound like -ed, d and t.

Chinese – download the video on the link below or watch on Bilibili.