Teaching Materials examples

With private teaching the teacher and parent can work together and choose the kind of materials that both feel will be beneficial to the child. Below I have an example list of some materials I have, but please note that we can go beyond this list and choose what is right for your child.


ESL Pals is a website that has three levels of difficulty for children. They also have lessons for adults and business English too.

Here is an example of a Level One lesson.

In Level One the following are covered: alphabet, introductions, emotions, some phonics, pets, in the ocean, farm animals, the face, body, daily routine, meals, fruit, vegetables, rooms, countries, months, hobbies, clothes.

In Level Two the following are covered: Africa, animals, cities, clothing, describing people, family, holidays, hospital, jobs, my town, nationalities, present continuous, restaurant, school, simple past, supermarket, technology, theme parks, time, numbers, transport, weather.

Here is an example of a Level Three lesson.

In Level Three the following are covered: Australia, Brazil, cities, city jobs, climate change, describing people, famous artists, famous scientists, food, France, health and fitness, incredible people, sleep, smartphones, social media, space, sport.

2. Wonders

The Wonders series work with pre teaching a list of vocabulary words and then using them in stories. They are also grouped from G0 to G6. This is an example of G3.

3. Books

We can decide which book your child and I can read together. This kind of work would focus on pronunciation and comprehension questions.

Here’s an example: I have Harry Potter and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I also recommend Roald Dahl.

I’m not going to upload the whole book here but here are just a few pages so you can get an idea of the level:

Here is an example of a few pages of Diary of the Wimpy Kid: This one has more basic English but it’s really funny.

4. Biff, Chip and Kipper Stories

These are lovely, funny stories graded into levels 1-6. For some of the shorter ones I’ve also made additional worksheets with vocabulary and cloze procedures (where you fill in the blanks). Here follows an example. This one is Level 4.

5. Oxford phonics, Oxford grammar, Usborne phonics, We phonics

In addition to reading stories you can supplement this with learning grammar and sounds. I have a collection of lesson from the most basic to more advanced. Here is the most basic phonics one.

This is just a starting point to get you thinking about what we can teach your child – feel free to continue the conversation further! Contact me on: heather@englishsteps.online.

Thank you!