A dog can run: Actions and Pets

In this post we will be looking at actions and pets. It’s a useful combination because animals are always moving! Kids also love animals and they enjoy moving around. You can get them to play “Simon Says” or mime the action for them to guess.

The actions are: run, jump, climb and swim. The pets are: cat, dog, rabbit and fish.

With actions, we usually ask: What is she doing? She is running. This is present continuous tense. You can also put this in the present simple: She runs. Don’t forget your verbs change depending on your pronoun. She/He/It is running or He/She/It runs. I am swimming. I swim. They/You/We are jumping. They/You/We jump.

If we bring the animals into the mix we can describe what they can do: A dog can run. A rabbit can jump. A cat can climb. A fish can swim.

We can also say: A fish can’t run. A dog can’t climb. Can a fish run? No, it can’t. Practice asking questions about what animals can and can’t do.

You can get the pdf here:

You can watch the video here: I’ve used Instagram because I managed to do all these cool captions. It is also on my Xiaohongshu profile.

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