Clothes: What do I wear when?

In today’s post we are going to look at some clothes vocabulary and also what you like to wear in summer (when it’s hot) and winter (when it’s cold).

The vocabulary we are learning today is: a T-shirt, shorts, sandals, dress, a jersey, a jacket, jeans, trousers, shoes and boots.

Notice that when we have one we use “a” and when it’s plural we use “s”. Shorts, pants, trousers, boots, shoes and flip flops are all plural so we don’t use “a”, Compare: I wear shorts. I wear a dress.

Think about what season you wear what clothing. I wear a dress in summer. I wear boots in winter.

In this post we are using the present simple tense (I wear…She wears…). If you want to use this and the present continuous (What are you wearing? I am wearing boots) then see this post for a comparison between the tenses.

Watch the video and download a worksheet for more.

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