Food: Part Two: Countable or Uncountable Nouns


In this post we will divide up food into two groups. If it’s countable you can count it e.g. One banana, two bananas, three bananas. Bananas are countable. But if you can’t count the food, it’s too much e.g. rice, we say that is is uncountable.

Why should we make this distinction? It’s because there are certain grammar rules in place for the two groups:

Countable – we ask “How many apples?” and we use the plural verb “are“: There are a lot of apples. There are some apples. There are a few apples.

Uncountable – we as “How much rice?” and we use the singular verb “is“: There is a lot of rice. There is some rice. There is a little rice.

Practice using these rules in the worksheet:

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